Translating Research into Practice

What works to prevent crime? How can police incorporate research into their daily practice? The CEBCP’s Evidence-Based Policing Research Program focuses on generating both the supply of research (rigorous evaluations of policing strategies and tactics), and also the demand, use, and translation of research into everyday use by law enforcement agencies. One central part of this effort is the Evidence-Based Policing Matrix developed by Cynthia Lum, Christopher Koper, and Cody Telep and the related Matrix Demonstration Projects.


The Evidence-Based Policing Matrix is a free, online interactive tool that provides an easy-to-use framework for summarizing all police evaluation studies of moderate to high rigor.

pic-bueermannRead Police Foundation President and CEBCP Senior Fellow Jim Bueermann’s “Being Smart on Crime with Evidence-Based Policing” for the National Institute of Justice.


The CEBCP partners with the Police Foundation, IACP, IACA, IJIS Institute, and various police agencies across the country.

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