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The International Summer School for Policing Scholarship (ISSPS) is an international collaboration between George Mason University's Center for Evidence-Based Crime Policy (CEBCP), the Scottish Institute for Policing Research (SIPR), and Arizona State University. Co-Founded by Professor Cynthia Lum (CEBCP) and Nick Fyfe (SIPR), the summer school brings together top doctoral students, policing scholars, and progressive policing leaders from around the world to help students build diverse skills and develop international networks to advance policing research. The summer school features a week of presentations, discussion, and activities designed to expose students to new perspectives on policing theory and methods, as well as cutting edge research on a number of topics in policing. Read more about the origins of the ISSPS in Translational Criminology Magazine (Fall, 2016).


2016 ISSPS was held May 31-June 4, 2016 at the University of St. Andrews in St. Andrews, Scotland.
2018 ISSPS was held June 16-23, 2018 at George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia, USA.
2024 ISSPS will be held in July 2024 at Griffith University in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.