The Matrix Team

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Senior Team Members

George Mason University
George Mason University
Arizona State University
University of North Carolina, Charlotte

Current research assistants on Team Matrix

Graduated/Other research assistants who have contributed to the Matrix

Breanne Cave, PhD received 2016
Julie Grieco, PhD received 2016
Julie Hibdon, PhD received 2011
William Johnson, PhD received 2022
Jordan Kenyon (Nichols), PhD received 2021
Kiseong Kuen, PhD received 2024
Yi-Fang Lu, PhD received 2024
Heather Prince, PhD received 2022
J. Amber Scherer, PhD  received 2019
Megan Stoltz, PhD received 2021
Mindy Thai (current PhD student)
Heather Vovak, PhD received 2016
Hannah (Xiaoyun) Wu, PhD received 2019
Taryn Zastrow, (current PhD student)