The Center for Evidence-Based Crime Policy established the “CEBCP Distinguished Achievement Award in Evidence-Based Crime Policy” in 2010. Consistent with the mission of the Center, this award recognizes outstanding achievements and contributions by individuals in academia, practice, or the policy arena who are committed to a leadership role in advancing the use of scientific research evidence in decisions about crime and justice policies. This role includes notable efforts in connecting criminology, law and society researchers with criminal justice institutions, or advancing scientific research more generally in crime and justice. The award is conferred yearly. Letters of nomination for the 2020 Achievement Award are due February 1, 2020 and can be sent to Contributions to support the CEBCP’s Awards and other initiatives can be made through our 100K for 10 Campaign.

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Congratulations to the 2019 Recipients!

Michael C. Green

Executive Deputy Commissioner, New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services

Acceptance remarks 



Lorraine Mazerolle

Professor of Criminology, University of Queensland (Australia)

 Acceptance remarks



2018 Recipients:

James Bueermann

President, The Police Foundation

Acceptance remarks 



Edmund McGarrell

Professor, School of Criminal Justice, Michigan State University

 Acceptance remarks



2017 Recipients:

Doris MacKenzie

Professor of Sociology and Criminology, The Pennsylvania State University

Acceptance remarks (featured in the Fall 2017 Translational Criminology Magazine)


The Hon. James K. Stewart

Public Safety Director, CNA, and former Director of the National Institute of Justice (1982-1990)

 Acceptance remarks (featured in the Fall 2017 Translational Criminology Magazine)



2015 Recipients:

Herman Goldstein

Professor of Law Emeritus, University of Wisconsin

Acceptance remarks



Wesley Skogan

Professor, Northwestern University

Acceptance video



2014 Recipients:

Nicholas Fyfe

Director, Scottish Institute for Policing Research
Professor, University of Dundee

Acceptance remarks



Jeremy Travis

President, John Jay College of Criminal Justice

Acceptance remarks





2013 Recipients:


Laurie Robinson

Robinson Professor, George Mason University
Formally U.S. Assistant Attorney General, Office of Justice Programs





Lawrence Sherman

Director and Professor, Institute of Criminology, Cambridge University (UK)
Distinguished Univerity Professor, University of Maryland




2012 Recipients:


Jeffrey Beard

Secretary, California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation






Paul Gendreau

Professor Emeritus, University of New Brunswick





2011 Recipients:


Peter Neyroud, CBE, QPM

Cambridge University; National Policing Improvement Agency (retired)






Charles Wellford

Professor Emeritus, University of Maryland





2010 Recipients:


Darrel Stephens

Executive Director, Major City Chiefs
Chief, Charlotte-Mecklenburg (NC) Police Department (Retired)






Joan Petersilia

Professor, Stanford University Law School