Surveying Communities: Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department

The Charlotte-Mecklenburg, North Carolina, Police Department surveys its residents once a year. The objectives of this survey include measuring perceptions of the Department, determining where citizens get information about crime trends and crime in Charlotte-Mecklenburg, exploring perceptions of crime and safety and police effectiveness, quantifying awareness of CMPD Patrol Divisions, exploring crime victim perceptions of CMPD follow-ups, measuring perceptions of the 911 Emergency Call Center and the non-emergency Crime Reporting Unit, examining use and perceptions of the CMPD website, and comparing changes in perceptions from past years on key measures.

Methodology: A random digit dial (RDD) sample of landline telephone numbers and a RDD of cell phone numbers were purchased from Survey Sampling, Inc., and telephone interviews with adults living within the CMPD service area were conducted.The questionnaire was translated into Spanish and a bilingual interviewer conducted the interview in Spanish for residents who did not speak English. The interviews last approximately 17 minutes on average.

Included on this page is the survey used by CMPD, final reports from the survey for years 2012-2014, and data tables for these years.

Reports and Links

CMPD Community Survey

2012 Final Report

2013 Final Report

2014 Final Report

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