The Evidence-Based Policing Playbook

The Playbook provides operational directives for evidence-based actions in the field. Like a football playbook, the Evidence-Based Policing Playbook is a working document with tangible operations created for officers to use for common problems that they face. The Playbook draws knowledge from the Evidence-Based Policing Matrix, CrimeSolutions.GovCampbell Collaboration Systematic Reviews, the Center for Problem Oriented Policing, and other available knowledge. The Playbook was created in collaboration with officers from multiple agencies to ensure that plays can be implemented in actual policing settings.

Download the working Playbook HERE. The Playbook is meant to be printed in “PDF Booklet” form so that it can be printed and folded to a half letter-page size. To print The Playbook in this way, go to your print menu in Adobe and select “Booklet”. We have also partnered with the Police Foundation to convert plays into the Evidence-Based Policing App.