3. Action & Leadership

This third module provides input on building trust and confidence for police leaders. In the Modules guide, we provide step-by-step instructions, ideas and questions to navigate the content below.

OPEN FIRST: Step-By-Step Modules Guide

1. Rebuilding Trust

Step 1: Watch Director Bill O'Toole of the Northern Virginia Criminal Justice Training Academy explain the importance of re-examining training programs to ensure they emphasize the rebuilding of community trust. Then work through the questions in the guide.

2. Chief's Perspectives

Step 2a: Watch Chief Joseph Price, Leesburg (VA) Police Department, discuss the importance of police agencies re-examining use of force policies within a guardian, rather than a warrior mentality.




Step 2b: Watch Chief Earl Cook, Alexandria (VA) Police Department describe his experiences in policing and what agencies need to consider today to build trust with the communities they serve. Then work through the questions in the guide.

3. Supervisors/Leaders and Organizational Change

Step 3: Watch Captain Gregory Brown (Loudoun County, Virginia, Sheriff’s Office) discuss the importance of supervisors and leaders in achieving difficult changes in the police organization to improve trust and satisfaction with the community. Then work through the questions in the guide.

4. Community Engagement and Taking Action
Step 4: Explore these additional resources:

The President's Task Force Report on 21st Century Policing
One of the most significant documents in modern policing, this report provides recommendations and action items for agencies to build trust with communities. Read also the Evidence-Assessment of the Task Force report and ideas for future research by Lum et al.

Race and Policing: An Agenda for Action
David Bayley, Michael Davis and Ronald Davis propose policy options and discussion points for police agencies and officers regarding race and law enforcement.

Building Relationships of Trust: Recommended Steps for Chief Executives
This report, by the COPS Office provides step-by-step recommendations for chief executives in building trust with the communities they serve.

Diversity in Law Enforcement: A Literature Review
Compiled by the US Department of Justice and the US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, this document provides a recent review of the research regarding diversity in law enforcement.

National Initiative for Building Community Trust and Justice
The National Initiative for Building Community Trust and Justice is designed to improve relationships and increase trust between communities and the criminal justice system and is led by Professor David Kennedy at John Jay College of Criminal Justice.