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The TIPLINE Package Includes...

1. The TIPLINE Software which can be used to analyze large volumes of tips stored in the database. (download CD)

2. The TIPLINE Handbook. This handbook provides suggestions and guidance for developing a tip line system to better respond to critical incidents, on-going investigations, and other police concerns more efficiently. Included are instructions on how to install and use the enclosed TIPLINE submission forms, databases, and analytic application.

The handbook also contains general standard operating procedures for responding with tip lines during critical incidents, suggestions on the types of analysis that can might be undertaken and how the analysis can be operationalized, and Project TIPLINE’s Executive summary, briefly describing the overall project, the findings from the preliminary research on tip line use in the U.S., and contact information. Agencies are encouraged to use and adapt any parts of these materials for their own needs. (download pdf)

3. TIPLINE online submission forms. Included with the software application package are the online tip submission forms to be installed on an agencies web server or standalone computer (depending on how TIPLINE is used) for both general and critical incidents. A Spanish version of this submission form is also provided which can be connected to the same collection database, to facilitate bi-lingual use of TIPLINE. (included in software above)

4. The TIPLINE database which the online forms are to be connected, and which receive and store tips that are entered using the online tip submission forms. The database stores the information in a systematic way to facilitate analysis. (included in software above)