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Tal Jonathan-Zamir

Senior Fellow

Tal Jonathan-Zamir is a Senior Lecturer at the Institute of Criminology, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. She received her PhD from the Hebrew University in 2011, and then completed a Fulbright post-doctoral fellowship at the Department of Criminology, Law and Society at George Mason University. Her work focuses on psychological aspects of policing. Using both quantitative and qualitative methods, she has investigated police legitimacy and procedural justice from the perspective of citizens, communities, police officer, and neutral observers, in diverse contexts such as routine encounters, security threats, protest events, and airport security. She has also examined the psychological mechanisms underlying police officers’ orientation to evidence-based policing, and more recently – the effect of the COVID-19 pandemic on police-community relations in Israel. Tal is the recipient of the 2015 Early Career Award from the Division of Policing of the American Society of Criminology, and the 2015 Young Scholar Award from the Israeli Society of Criminology.