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Guoqing Diao

Senior Fellow

Guoqing Diao is Associate Professor of Statistics at George Mason University. He received his doctoral training in Biostatistics at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and won the Barry H. Margolin Dissertation Award in 2006. His research focuses on development of statistical methods for the designs and analyses of biomedical and public health studies. His current research areas include precision medicine, survival analysis, semiparametric models, longitudinal data analysis, high-dimensional data analysis, statistical genetics, and rare event simulation problem. Dr. Diao has published extensively in both statistical journals including Biometrics, Biometrika, and Annals of Applied Probability, and medical journals such as American Journal of Human Genetics and PM&R. Recently, working closely with Dr. Cynthia Lum and Dr. Christopher Koper., Dr. Diao also broadened his research to include the area of policing and crime prevention. Dr. Diao’s research is funded by NSF, NIH, and industry.