CPP Call for Papers for Special Issue on Gun Violence

Call for Papers for 2024 Special Issue for
Criminology & Public Policy
Deadline: January 31, 2024

To mark the final issue of their term (Issue 4, 2024), the editors-in-chief of the American Society of Criminology’s flagship policy journal announce a special issue on gun violence. To address this severe and growing threat to public safety and health in the United States and elsewhere, the editors seek studies that:

  1. Illuminate causes and policy implications of the recent surge in firearms violence in the United States; and
  2. Evaluate the implementation and/or impacts of legislative policies, criminal justice practices, and community-based efforts to reduce firearms violence in the United States and elsewhere.

Studies may focus on gun crimes generally or on particular forms such as gang-related gun violence, domestic violence with firearms, mass shootings, non-violent gun offenses (e.g., illegal possession, carrying, and sales), and police-involved shootings. Policies, practices, and other programmatic efforts of interest include those that seek to reduce gun violence through deterrence, apprehension, incapacitation, prevention, treatment, and/or the reduction of firearm access to prohibited and high-risk possessors. The editors are particularly interested in how the specific provisions, implementation, and enforcement of gun-related policies and programs shape their impacts on relevant proximal and distal outcomes, which may include both intended and unintended consequences.

As with all papers submitted to CPP, manuscripts must have a clearly articulated and strong connection to policy and practice. Papers for this special issue must be submitted through the ScholarOne online submission site for Criminology & Public Policy by January 31, 2024. Because we intend to publish all submitted and accepted papers in Issue 4 of 2024, we do not anticipate extending this deadline. All papers will go through CPP’s normal peer-review process. For questions about this call for papers, please contact the Editors-in-Chief below.

Editors-in-Chief, Criminology & Public Policy
George Mason University
Department of Criminology, Law and Society
Center for Evidence-Based Crime Policy
ckoper2@gmu.edu; clum@gmu.edu