CPP Call for Papers – Cybercrime and Cybersecurity

Call for Papers on Cybercrime and Cybersecurity:
A Research-Informed Policy Agenda to cybercrime research

Special Issue Editors: Jin R. Lee and Thomas J. Holt

Cybercrime (which includes computer hacking, social engineering, intellectual property theft, electronic fraud, online interpersonal violence, and Internet-facilitated sexual victimization) is a form of transnational crime and is currently a top national security threat. According to the United Nations, cybercrime affects more than 431 million adult victims globally. While cybercrime research has grown dramatically in recent decades, the degree to which these studies inform public policy is highly variable. More empirical and policy-anchored research is needed that improves knowledge around the explanations of, and effective mitigation strategies for, cybercrime.

This special issue of Criminology & Public Policy aims to address this gap through the publication of multi-disciplinary empirical research studies on cybercrime and efforts to mitigate it. Examples of research topics for this special issue may include: population surveys of juvenile cybercrime offending and victimization; digital forensics approaches to cybercrime investigations; law enforcement responses and prevention strategies; personal cybersecurity measures and practices to reduce online victimization; private industry efforts and collaborations to mitigate cybercrime; or the specific risks posed by nation-states and terrorist/extremist organizations in online spaces. The objective of this special issue is to make scientific research a key component in decisions about cybercrime policies and cybersecurity practices by advancing rigorous, evidence-based studies.

Papers must have these characteristics:
A primary emphasis on cybercrime behaviors and/or cybersecurity practices;
A direct analysis of policy or a central anchor and extensive discussion of policy and practice;
Diverse and broad understandings of cybercrime behaviors;
Primary or secondary data analyses.

We strongly encourage submissions from scholars and practitioners of all racial/ethnic backgrounds, at all career stages, and from various theoretical and methodological perspectives and approaches. Papers may be policy evaluations, program evaluations, methodological tools, or theoretical tests with actionable policy implications and discussion. Papers will be due no later than January 31, 2023 and must be submitted through CPP’s ScholarOne Manuscript submission portal, https://mc.manuscriptcentral.com/capp. We expect the issue to be published by Issue 4 of 2023 (November). All papers will go through CPP’s normal peer-review process. For questions about this call for papers, please contact the special issue editors, Jin R. Lee (jlee331@gmu.edu) or Thomas J. Holt (holtt@msu.edu).

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