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What strategies can be effective in reducing crime and disorder in policing? The Evidence-Based Policing Matrix is a research-to-practice translation tool that organizes moderate to very rigorous evaluations of police interventions visually, allowing agencies and researchers to view the field of research in this area. The Matrix is updated with all qualifying studies each year.

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Jurisdiction – Factor (2019)

Tailored traffic enforcement program involving public participation led to significant decreases in traffic violations

Jurisdiction – Florence et al. (2011)

Information sharing between police and health agencies to improve police deployment strategies associated with substantial and significant reduction in hospital admissions related to violence

Jurisdiction – Malm & Tita (2006)

Green Teams (increased marijuana enforcement) decrease grow operations in target areas without significant displacement to surrounding areas

Jurisdiction – McGarrell et al. (2010)

Project Safe Neighborhoods cities in higher dosage contexts experienced statistically significant, though modest, declines in violent crime

Jurisdiction – Villaveces et al. (2000)

Homicide rates significantly lower on days gun ban/police intervention in effect compared to non-intervention days in 2 Columbian cities

Jurisdiction – White et al. (2003)

Comprehensive homicide initiative of enforcement and nonenforcement problem-oriented strategies led to a decrease in homicides

Jurisdiction – Fell et al. (2005)

Increased DUI enforcement lead to declines in drinking-and-driving fatal crashes in two states but not two others

Jurisdiction – Lilley (2015)

Weed and Seed produced statistically significant reductions in robbery, burglary, and vehicle theft. Results for murder, aggravated assault, larceny, and rape were less consistent or generally not statistically significant.

Jurisdiction – McGarrell et al. (2012)

Comprehensive Anti-Gang Initiative includes strategic problem-solving model that increased partnerships among federal, state, and local law enforcement and prosecution agencies as well as community institutions

Jurisdiction – Beck et al. (2018)

High-intensity DUI enforcement in data-driven hot spots, along with media announcements promoting the intervention, did not lead to significant reductions in alcohol-related crashes

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