Political Jurisdictions – interventions which target politically distinct, but local jurisdictions.  These are jurisdictions within larger geo-political jurisdictions and include cities, counties, parishes, or townships.

 Rigor: M=Moderately Rigorous; R= Rigorous; VR=Very Rigorous
 Y-axis: F=Focused and Tailored; G=General
 Z-axis: R=Reactive; P=Proactive; H=Highly Proactive


Author Intervention Result  Rigor Y-Axis  Z-Axis 
Florence et al. (2011) Information sharing between police and health agencies to improve police deployment strategiesassociated with substantial and significant reduction in hospital admissions related to violence full-circle R F P
Malm & Tita (2006) Green Teams (increased marijuana enforcement) decrease grow operations in target areas without significant displacement to surrounding areas  full-circle R F P
McGarrell et al. (2010) Project Safe Neighborhoods cities in higher dosage contexts experienced statistically significant, though modest, declines in violent crime  full-circle R F P
White et al. (2003) Comprehensive homicide initiative of enforcement and nonenforcement problem-oriented strategies led to a decrease in homicides  full-circle M  F P
Villaveces et al. (2000) Homicide rates significantly lower on days gun ban/police intervention in effect compared to non-intervention days in 2 Columbian cities full-circle R F P
Fell et al. (2005) Increased DUI enforcement lead to declines in drinking-and-driving fatal crashes in two states but not two others grey-circle R F P
McGarrell et al. (2012) Comprehensive Anti-Gang Initiative includes strategic problem-solving model that increased partnerships among federal, state, and local law enforcement and prosecution agencies as well as community institutions grey-circle M F P