Place: An important unit of analysis

Recent studies have shown a tremendous concentration of crime at very small geographic units of analysis such as street segments (often termed “hot spots”), and research on hot spots policing suggests significant crime prevention benefits can be gained by focusing on such places. Furthermore, other social phenomena also cluster at small places, suggesting a role for partnerships between justice agencies, social service providers, and “micro-communities” in helping to prevent crime and increase social cohesion and informal social control.

Despite a growing scientific base, there remain gaps in our knowledge of crime and place and the nature of micro-communities. Moreover, crime prevention approaches often continue to ignore the importance of these issues. The CEBCP, and affiliated scholars of the Crime and Place Working Group (CPWG), work to identify areas of significant research promise and practical crime prevention and social benefits.

For more information on the Crime and Place Working Group, please contact Breanne Cave, the Crime and Place Working Group coordinator.


Current Projects:

  • Community Health, Anti-social Behavior and Safety at Street Segments
  • A Place-Based Community Oriented Approach to Youth Violence Prevention in Seattle
  • District of Columbia Project Safe Neighborhoods Evaluation
  • Implementing and Evaluating Community Policing Strategies in Juvenile Crime Hot Spots
  • Increasing Collective Efficacy at Crime Hot Spots: A Patrol Force Approach in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota
  • Why Places Matter for Crime: What We Know about the Criminology of Place and How it Can Help Us to Control the Crime Problem
  • Stop, Question, and Frisk Analysis in New York City
  • Evaluation of the Transportation Security Administration’s Comprehensive Strategy to Security at Airports
  • Sacramento Police Department Partnership
  • Encyclopedia of Criminology and Criminal Justice
  • Evaluation of License Plate Recognition Systems
  • Exploring Developmental Patterns of Crime at Place
  • The Influence of Places on Policing (NIJ DuBois Fellowship)

meeting-picturePicture from the first meeting of the CPWG, August 11-12, 2008 in D.C.